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GTA 5 Big Update is Coming in Few Months - What's New in This Update

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GTA 5 For PC and PS4
GTA 5 players are get the bunch of new Content to play with in GTA Online . Rockstar has announced many new additions are on the way in coming months . it includes New modes ,vehicles and the Much Anticipated Transform Races.

Transform Races :-
Transform Races are the next way of Stunt racing .you race in land ,sea and air vehicles across Los Santos streets , waters and Skies .player can Except race in boats ,jet .skies ,plans ,Helicopter and even do skydiving all in the same race 

Some of the New vehicles coming this fall are the Hunter helicopter ,Coil cyclone supercar and Vigilante . There will also great updates at Legendary Motorsport and New properties at maze bank Foreclosures 

This latest update coming for PS4 ,Xbox One and PC .Please Stay Tunned For More updates About GTA 5 and Follow us on Facebook 
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