Last Battleground Survival 1.0.10 Apk Download For Android

Download Last Battleground Survival Apk Android 
Apk version - 1.0.10
Apk Size - 83 MB 
Required Android - 4.0 and Up 
Updated - 24 Nov 2017

How To Install :- Install Apk and Play Game 

Last Battleground survival is a battle royale game .Each match takes 32 players and puts them on a deserted island .At the start of the game ,all players parachute onto the island completely empty handed .The way the game unfolds is players are spread around the island completely empty handed .
Find a weapon and supplies as quickly as you can and them move to the safe zone on the island 

What's New :- 
  • Added Email function 
  • Added Store function 
  • Added new in game buildings 
  • Players will be equiped with hand guns when they land 
  • Optimized battle ground deatails and animations 
  • optimized building placements 
  • Optimized characters details 
  • optimized in Game icons 
  • Change in game main page 
  • Optimized combat details experience 

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