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Friday, 29 December 2017

Shadow Fight 3 Chapter 3 (Act 3 ) Review - How To Beat Marcus & Final Boss

Shadow Fight 3 Act 3 
Hello Guy's Today Talk about recently Launched Shadow Fight 3 Most Awaited Chapter that is Chapter 3 . Nekki recently Launched Update For Shadow fight 3 and add Chapter 3 , also add some New Weapons , Armor and New Locations and Also Fixes some Bugs .

Lets Talk about Chapter 3 - Nekki Added Some New Amazing Location in Chapter . In this Chapter also Introduce Some New Weapons Like 

  • Normal Claws 
  • Legendary Claws 
  • New Epic Sai 
  • New Epic GLAIVE [Fate Slicer]
  • Normal Fate Slicer 
  • Legendary IAIDO KATANA 
  • Legendary KATANA
  • EPIC Two Handed Sword and More 
First you can Start playing this Chapter - you Can Face First Boss of Chapter 3 that is - BOLO - you can See video How To  Beat Bolo | Chapter 3 
Than After this you have to Face Second Boss that is Lost Scout .it is Not Very Tough to Beat ,you can Easily Beat them . 

After That you have to Face Marcus , it is Slightly Tough if you have equip Lower Power Weapons : - You Can See this Video on Our You tube Channel .

After Beat GLITCHED MARCUS next you Have to Face TECHNO Samurai - You can Also Check - How TO Beat TECHNO SAMURAI :- 

you Can also Fight Against with JUDGE and Final Boss Battle :- 
Final Boss Fight of Chapter 3 is very Tough . you can Play this Fight Many Times to Beat Final Boss POSSESSED EMPEROR , In First Fight it looks Normal But In Middle it's Convert into Dangerous Looking Monster and After that is become More Powerful . if you can Beat Final Boss you can Equip Epic or Legendary Weapon or Weapon Contain Power above 1000 . you can See our Video of Shadow Fight 3 Chapter Final Boss Battle :- 
My Final Opinion About Shadow Fight 3 Chapter 3 -  Chapter 3 is Intresting to play because of New Locations , Weapons and Armor . you can Fight Against tough Boss with in Amazing Atomsphere and Some More Dangerous Weapons Like Epic Slicer ,Legendary Claws and Legendary KATANA . 

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