Assassin's Creed Origins New Update Add Premium DLC This Month

Assassin's Creed Origins New Update 
A variety of New Content  is on the way to Assassin's Creed Origins this Month .That begins this Month ,when a free update and the First DLC expansion will be released alongside the return of a limited time event on PC ,PS4 and Xbox One .

Ubisoft announced new update For Assassin's Creed Origins .This will consist of New quest to mark the release of the game's Hidden Ones DLC ,players will gain the ability to sell their outfits at weaver shops and the item pool in Heka chests will grow .With this update ,you will be able to obtain items from the Nightmare First Civilization ,Gladiator , and Wacky packs.

Ubisoft Also add Trials of the Gods Event ,providing another opportunity to Square off Against two opponents ,You will be able to Fight Anubis From Jan 9 to 16 ,followed By Sobek from jan 23 to 30 . 
Premium DLC Pack also coming with this New Update , In this New Premium you can see New Region and dealing with the Romans .Ubisoft says there's new Story content and an increased level cap of 45 .The Hidden Ones is Included as part of Origin season pass .


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