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Battalion 1944 Early Access Soon For Steam

Battalion 1944 Launching Soon 
Battalion 1944 FPS that is being published by Square Enix ,will finally hit Steam Early Access on February 1 ,its developers have announced .Battalion 1944 closed beta taking place on PC on January 20 and 21 you can sign up From Below Link .Previously betas blocked people from sharing their gameplay but for this beta ,people are free to publicly publish gameplay to social channels for all to see .

Battalion 1944 will be published through Square Enix's Collective division that work with independent studios to help them with things like marketing services and testing . Major pillar of the Square Enix Collective is that studios retain creative control and all brand rights 

The Multiplayer shooter aims to capture the core of classic multiplayer shooters using the most advanced industry technology .Battalion 1944 also coming to PS and Xbox One .you can see the Trailer of Battalion 1944 .

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