Friday The 13th Latest Update Out Now For PS4 , PC and Xbox One

Friday The 13th Update 
Friday the 13th Update Out now today For PC ,PS4 and Xbox One .It Introduces several new content to the multiplayer survival horror game , update also include new jason , map and more .

Developer introduces the Pinehurst map and jason V from the fifth Friday the 13th film ,A New Beginning . Both will be playable in multiplayer and offline with bots .Jason V will be available immediately to all players and can use the following three grab kills :- Hedge Trimmer ,Last Breath and you are so Vein . Developer has also added new grab kill ,Rugby player ,which can be unlocked at level 108 for 2500 CP .

The new update also fixes some bugs and improvements . developer also reduces the number of pocket knives & Medical Sprays that will Spawn during a match . Jason players also new begin the match with two more throwing knives and Jason's speed and grab range also increased .

you can check full Patch Notes in Official Forums 

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