GRID Autosport New Update Added New Control System and Other Enhancements

GRID Autosport New Update 
Feral Interactive has been working on releasing updates based on Players Feedback to enhance the experience .First was a big update in Dec 2017 that improved performance across all devices with fixes especially geared towards iPhone X and now a little over a month later we have got yet another new update which focuses on additional control options .They have also improved the default control methods and have added new Pro and Custom variants as well as an auto accelerate option for Tilt and wheel Touch controls.

Improved the car handling for those who are using controllers .Feral has added the ability to turn off haptic feedback in the advanced options section for GRID that is in IOS settings app and as usual this update also fixes a bunch of stuff from both a graphical and gameplay perpective ensuring GRID looks and runs at its best .


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