GTA 5 New Update Added New Ubermacht Revolter Luxury Car

GTA 5 Online New Update 
Rockstar Games has announced all the new content ,events and sales in GTA 5 Online this week .GTA 5 New Update added New Ubermacht Revolter luxury car is now in the Online game and available to purchase from legendary Motorsport .This Slick New car is a beadly beast ,featuring a machine gun on the from to keep enemies at bay like something out of jamesbond .The fictional car's tagline is "looks for the red carpet ,power for when the deal goes south".

As for the sales and discounts , various MKII upgrades and customization options are on sale this week .Additionally ,the Warstock Cache & Carry store is holding a 25% off sale on two vehicles : the Benefactor Turreted Limo and the HVY APC amphibious tank .

  • Mk II Upgrades - 30 % off 
  • Mk II Magazines - 25 % off 
  • Mk II Scopes - 25 % off
  • Mk II Muzzles - 25 % off 
  • Mk II Weapon liveries - 25 % off 

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