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GTA 5 Online New Weekly Update Add New Vehicle Lampadati Viseris

GTA 5 Online New Update Add New Vehicle 
Rockstar has Out New Weekly Update For GTA 5 Online .This Update not include New Feature but player can Find another New Cool Vehicle .

Rockstar add New Vehicle Lampadati Viseris ,which is available now at Legendary Motorsport .Players with access to a Mobile Operations Center or an Avenger will also be able to trick it out with some optional upgrades such as front facing machine guns .you can see New vehicle in Above Photo. Rockstar also offering double GTA $ and RP rewards on all lester Contact Missions for a limited time . you will able to take advantage of these bonuses until January  .you can also get a 25% discount off of the following items until that day .

  1. Nagasaki Ultralight 
  2. Aircraft Weapons 
  3. Vehicle Armor 
  4. Headlights and Neons 
  5. Skirts 
  6. Spoilers 
  7. Suspension 
  8. Turbos
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