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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

New PUBG PC Update Out Now on Test Server & Add New Loot Crates

New PUBG PC Update Add New Loot Crates 
PUBG New Update Out Now on PC Test Server . This is second update the title has received since it Early Access On PC Last Month ,and it introduces some exciting new Features and content to the Massively Popular battle royale game .

One of the big new Features coming to PUBG is the replay report tool .In an effort to further stamp down on Cheating in the game ,developer PUBG Crop is implementing a New system that allows players to report suspected cheaters from PUBG Replay features .

The Update also introduces two new types of Loot boxes ,which will contain Desperado and Biker cosmetic items .Both of the New crated are currently available on PUBG's test server , and every test server player will receive 100,000 BP and six Early Bird keys in order to open and try out the new crates .Bluehole Corporation says these items and BP are strictly for testing purposes and won't be transferrable to live accounts .Both the loot crates and replay report tool will be implemented in the live game once the test build is deemed to be stable . This New Update also Fixes some bugs for Smooth your gameplay Experience .

What's New :- 

  • World :- Added more objects around La Bendita on Miramar to increase the amount of cover 
  • Gameplay :- Reduced the visible distance when parachuting down in order to test the optimization of server and client performance at the early phases of the game 
  • Item :- Changed the design of the energy drink 
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