Overwatch New Update Added New Skins and Blizzard World Map

Overwatch New Update New Skins 
Blizzard has released the next big update for Overwatch .Players Enjoy New Map on PC ,PS4 and Xbox One ,the Unique Blizzard World and get their hands on a ton of  new cosmetics -- including a variety of skins .
Blizzard World takes the form of an amusement park based on Blizzard's franchise .There are areas dedicated to Diablo ,Warcraft and Starcraft with plenty of nods and references for long time fans of those series .It's a hybrid map ,tasking players with escorting or defending a payload as it makes its way through the park .
In terms of cosmetics ,there's a wide range available ,including skins ,sprays ,highlights intros and emotes .Blizzard has been teasing these in days prior to release .
This Update is rolling out now on all platform so you may have some issues getting online as the process is completed .It's Just one of several Overwatch updates ,Many other updates like Lunar New year Event is also set to take place again this year 

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