Bandai Namco is Working on New FPS For Nintendo Switch

Bnadai Namco New FPS Game 
Japanese publisher Bandai Namco is working on a new first person shooter game will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch . A developer at Bandai Namco Singapore Studio give some information on Linkedin page that they are working on an Unannounced FPS . 

It's intriguing to think about Bandai Namco ,which has not done all that much in the FPS space ,making a game in the genre that is exclusive to Switch .Bandai Namco publsihed the Shooter Get even in 2017 . Bandai Namco perhaps best known for its non FPS Franchise like Dragon Ball , Dark Souls and Tekken .

Bandai Namco earnings briefing in November last year ,management talked about how the company is adding more resources to Switch game development .

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