Metal Gear Survive New Beta Coming Soon To PS4,PC & Xbox One

Metal Gear Survive New Beta For PS4 , Xbox One 
Konami has announced New Metal Gear Survive Beta ,which is coming to PS4,PC & Xbox One next week .The trial marks the first opportunity for PC Players to try the game start on Feb 16 & ends on Feb 18.

The New beta will include three missions set across two maps and you can play the game in Co-op with up to four players during the beta period .Special daily missions will also be offered over the three days .Those who take part will receive a FOXHOUND name plate ,Metal Gear Rex Head accessory and bandana all of which are cosmetic items that can be equipped to your in game avatar .

Previous Beta was on last month and that was only available for PS4 and Xbox One .We don't yet know if the maps and missions on offer this time are the same as those playable last month .

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