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ARK Survival Evolved Beta Sign Up Available

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ARK Survival Evolved Available for Beta Sign Up 
ARK Survival Evolved is coming to IOS and Android ,with an iOS beta Opening today .The plan for the mobile version is to contain the full online experience as the PC version of ARK ,with a full 50 person multiplayer environment with the ability to join tribes to shares resources .XP ,and spawn points ;there is also an offline singleplayer mode available . 

ARK Survival Evolved drops players on a mysterious island that full of dinosaurs .Players will try to survive the ARK ,an island with over 80 species of dinosaurs ,by crafting the tools they need to survive .It's possible to build structure as well .Including entire cities !you will find blueprints and notes that reveal the history of the ARK , and can explore its many different ecosystems . 

ARK Survival Evolved is tremendously popular on console and PC ,and this mobile adaptation promises to introduce mobile players to the series as well . The only compromises from the first media releaed appear to be some visual fidelity ,as the game needs to run on a variety of hardware that might be powerful ,but is optimized or for battery life rather than performance .ARK Survival is looking very amazing in terms of Graphics .

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