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boozy-night-in-Hell-adventure-AfterParty First Trailer

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Oxenfree Developer drunk-in-Hell-adventure-Afterparty
Oxenfree developer Night School Studio has offered the First proper look,via a new teaser trailer ,at its upcoming boozy-night-in-hell adventure Afterparty.

Afterparty ,which was unveiled late last year ,sees you talking on the roles of Milo and Lola ,two recently deceased best friends who find themselves facing an eternity in Hell.

It turuns out,that there's a loophole: anyone that can outdrink Satan can earn re-entry to the land of the living .And so beings something close to a boozy road trip ,a night of debauched pub crawling along the River Styx .

Oxenfree was a wonderful experience ,so there's plenty of reason to be excited about Afterparty. unfortunately ,its not currently scheduled to release on PC Until 2019.

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