Dragon Quest 11 Release Date Announced For PS4

Dragon Quest 11 For PS4 
Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest 11will be available on PS4 from 4 Sept 2018 .The Game has been available in Japan for while now ,but Square Enix has made a number of tweaks to the experience to make it more friendly to western audiences .

These include English voice over , as well as an overhauled menu and user interface system that features "graphical enhancements and more intuitive navigation.".On top of that there is a First person Camera mode that allows players to "take in views of the beautiful landscape ,character renders and ferocious monsters in detail .

Player who pre-orders the game will receive an exclusive PS4 theme and a selection of in game DLC items .These include the Vest for Success ,Seed of Skill , and Uber Agate of Evolution .

Dragon Quest 1 features new Zone and Link battle systems along with the ability to ride monsters .

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