FortCraft "Fortnite" clone is Now Available for Android

Fortcraft is For Android 
NetEase is at it again .Recently ,The Publisher released rules of Survival and Knives Out on Android and they both looked remarkably similar to PUBG in terms of concept . 

Now NetEase has released a Fortnite clone called Fortcarft .If you are familiar with Fortnite , Fortcraft is clone of Fortnite .It has the same cartoon visuals ,same whacky gameplay and the same objectives .

you have to try and survive as long as you against 99 other players in an enormous arena .There are a bunch of different ways to play .you could hide ,go in guns blazing or team up with a few friends and try and survive in a group .you can download and check New Fortnite Clone "Fortcraft " Direct from Google Play Store .

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