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Pokemon Go's Fan Favorite Legendary Lugia Available For Limited Time

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Pokemon Go's Fan Favorite Lugia 
Legendary Pokemon Lugia arrive in Pokemon Go for Limited Time.Beginning 16 March ,Pokemon Go Players will have another opportunity to capture the Gold and Silver Legendary ,Lugia for a limited Time .

Players will encounter Lugia as a Raid Battle boss at Gyms .This time around ,Pokemon Go developer Niantic says the Legendary Pokemon will know the "newly improved" Flying move Sky Attack . Ninatic did not elaborate as to how the attack has been improved .

In order to capture Lugia ,Players will first have to team up with other trainer at a Gym to battle the powerful Pokemon .Only once Lugia has been defeated will each participant have a chance to catch it . The Pokemon Company has teased that Lugia will be easier to capture than it previously was if players are able to successfully take it down.

Lugia arrived on the same day that another Legendary ,Rayquaza ,leaves the game .March 16 also marked the day the rewards for pokemon Go's Legendary week expired  .Legendary Pokemon Lugia will be available in Pokemon Go until 2 April .
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