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PUBG Adding New Weapon Skin System in New Update

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PUBG New Weapon Skin and Region Locking 
Another New update is on the way soon to PUBG on PC .Developer PUBG Crop . has deployed a new build of the game to the test server ,giving players a chance to try out a new weapon skin system and other features before they roll out for live game soon.
The Weapon skin system as you can gather from its name ,players can ability to customize their weapons appearance .Players will be able to acquire different skins for their guns through new types of loot boxes ,which can then be applied to the weapons through the Customization menu.

Skins will be available from two new types of loot boxes : Triumph and Raider .The former is a random ,weekly crate that can only be opened with real monkey keys;The latter is a type of non random loot box that does not require a key to unlock . It is possible to get duplicate weapons skins ,even from the premium loot boxes .

PUBG Crop. has also announced it will implement region locking measures in the game . PUBG Crop.wrote in a post on the Steam forums ."Through this new approach we are aiming to provide a better gameplay experience as it will improve network issues and help with linguistic barriers."


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