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Call of Duty WW2 DLC The War Machine Out On PS4

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Call of Duty World War 2 War Machines's 
The Second DLC Expansion for call of Duty 2 is now available for some players .Activision has released The War Machine map pack on PS4,which introduces a handful of new Maps ,an additional War Mode mission and other content to the popular WW2 Shooter .
The Maps include Dunkirk ,V2 and Egypt .The latter is the first time this series has gone to the country and we get a nice view of the action inside landmarks like the Great Pyramids ,Dunkirk and V2 give a large open area with some tight interiors and secret rocket test site ,respectively .The War Mission mode Operation Husky ,which introduces aerial dogfights .The Trailer ends on the Shadowed Throne ,the next chapter of the Nazi Zombies storyline .

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