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Fortnite 3.5 Update Out Now On PS4 ,Xbox One ,PC and Mobile

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Fortnite 3.5 Update Added Port-a-Fort New items  
Fortnite has another update 3.5 version out and Battle Royale has New item available now on PS4,Xbox One ,PC & Mobile . Epic games previously announced replay system has been implemented ,a New limited Time Mode is coming soon and bunch of New Cosmetics have been added to save the World .

Version 3.5 ,as the update is called ,adds the recently teased Port-a-Fort features ,which is a throwable items that spawns a fort in seconds . you can carry up to 5 of these ,through they only drop in stacks of one .Battle Royale will also Receive 50v50 Mode soon .with few small changes .Console versions should load faster and some weapon changes have been made .
Update also include New cosmetic options that include four new Heroes with Cyberpunk theme and a set of Neon weapon skins .Take a look at those in the images Below .
the Only other meaningful addition is fortnite's replay system .This allows you to save your matches and watch them back from any angle .This is designed for sharing options but could also allow you to learn from where you and other players go wrong .

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