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Fortnite New Content Update Added Vending Machine

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Fortnite Vending Machine 
Fortnite New Content Update Out Now For Mobile ,PS4,Xbox One and PC .With the 3.4 New Content Update Release ,Vending Machines will be scattered across the island in battle Royale .These will each randomly pick a rarity and then sell three items at the level in exchange for materials . The higher the rarity ,the higher the price .There's no limit to how many items you can but ,provided you can afford it .How Much items will cost at each level :- 

  • Items found in a common version will cost 100 materials 
  • Items found in a Uncommon version will cost 200 materials 
  • Items found in a Rare version will cost 300 Materials 
  • Items found in an Epic version will cost 400 materials 
  • Items Found in a Legendary version will cost 500 Materials 
You Can Read Full Patch Note -Click Here 
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