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Ghost Recon Wildlands To Get Another Year of Free Content

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Next Update Coming Soon 
Ghost Recon Wildlands recently celebrated its 1st year anniversary.The Publisher has confirmed a year 2 of content in on the way ,which will consist of a variety of updates for both the PvE mode and the Ghost War PvP mode .

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: Year 2 Announce | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Watch to learn about the latest update to the Ghost War PVP, which includes a new class and the brand new Sabotage mode, as well the Special Operations coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands as part of Year 2. Visit http://ubi.li/fbhn4 to learn more about Year 2.
The substantial post launch support in year 2 will include 4 free major content drops .Each of these will be dubbed a Specail Operations update ,has some kind of theme and will offer both PvE and PvP content . Part of this comes in the form of addressing fan requested additions .On the campaign side ,there will also be special free missions and special challenges with exclusive rewards .
First up during Year 2 is Special Operations 1 ,which launches for PC ,PS4 and Xbox One on 10 April .

While the aforementioned content will largely be free ,Ubisoft will also offer paid season pass .The Year 2 pass offers a week of early Access to the new Ghost War classes ,a customization pack with exclusive items and 8 Battle crates .This will be priced at $30 in the US .
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