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GTA 5 New Update Added New Heavy Duty Track 'The Vapid Caracara' & New Target Assault Races

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GTA 5 Online New Weekly Update Out Now PS4,Xbox One and PC .
Rockstar has introduced New batch of content to Grand Theft Auto 5 .It is the third week of the Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series and this time players can find another New vehicle ,racing Mode and assortment of discounts in GTA 5 Online .

Main thing in this Week's update is Target Assault Races ,the New Race type Rockstar has introduced since the start of the Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series .This mode pits teams of Two against each other in a High score competition .One Player drives the vehicle around a race track while the other shoots at targets using a mounted gun ,with the two switching roles after every lap .

Target Assault Races features seven different tracks and "an assortment of assault minded vehicles" to choose from . To celebrate its launch ,players will earn double GTA$ and RP from the Mode until next week .

In this New Update Rockstar also added New Heavy Duty Track "The Vapid Caracara". This Now available for purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry .You can see above Screen Shot ,How New Vehicle Looks Like .

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