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GTA 5 Online New Weekly Update Out Now On PS4 , Xbox One and PC

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GTA 5 Online New Update Weekly Out Now 
Rockstar has announced all of the week new Sales ,Events and double XP opportunities for GTA Online .Now Through April 16 as part of what Rockstar is calling "Contraband Week",you can double GTA$ and RP for all Gunrunning Sell Missions .

The Target Assault races will pay double GTA$ and RP through the same time .This is a new mode featuring racing and shooting that was only just released this month .

In terms of sales ,the Warstock Cache & Carry store is offering some nice discounts on things like vehicles and upgrades .Additionally ,bunkers upgrades are on sale ,while Legendary Motorsport is offering 25 percent off the Pfister Neon and Overflod Autarch cars through April 16.

Rockstar announced that new mode ,The Vespucci Job ,is coming to GTA Online Next week . in this Mode ,players in the little Weeny lssi classic car will try to escape other players in LSPD Squad cars . Rockstar is adding New vehicles to the gamenext week in the form of the Vapid Flash GT Sports car and the Sea Sparrow chopper .You Can Read Full Article - Click Here
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