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Hitman Definitive Edition Release Date Revealed

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Hitman Definitive Edition Announced 

Hitman is getting a re-releae Hitman Definitive Edition is coming to PS4,Xbox One & PC on 15 May this Year with base game and all its DLC .

That means you get Hitman Season 1 ,the extra Game of the year Edition content the Summer Bonus Episode and the Blood Money Requiem Pack . The Definitive Edition will include a new set of cosmetic based on other properties from developer IO Interactive one is based on Freedom Fighters ,one on Mini Ninjas and one on kane & Lynch . The game's previously released Xbox One X and PS4 Pro enhancement will be included ,but not all add on content is included on the disc . you will have to download a file that weights in at 12-24 GB ,depending on platform .

The New re-release will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros.,the publisher behind big franchise such as the Batman : Arkham and Middle earth series .The company's press release states Hitman Definitive Edition is a part of an agreement that pertains to the Hitman series .

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