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New Overwatch Skins Revealed

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Overwatch Skins Revealed For Season Pass Owner 
A Variety of New Overwatch skins were released recently as part of ongoing Retribution event. Even more are now on the way , although these will be available through a different means than standard skins .

Twitch has revealed 12 New Overatch League themed skins during a recent Twitch Day event .These include alternate "away" skins for D.Va, Zarya ,Genji ,Sombra , Lucio ,Widowmaker ,Orisa ,Winston ,Reinhardt ,Zenyatta and Junkrat .

You can see all themed in above image . All of these will be available as part of Twitch Overwatch League All Access pass . This is a previously announced Package that provide a variety of Perks ,including other skins and sprays for use in game as well as Twitch specific goodies like chat badges .

The New skins will released in May at some point ,possibly early in the month to coincide with the Stage 3 title matches that takes place on May 6 .
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