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PUBG Adds Respawns in New War Mode on PC

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PUBG New War Mode 
PUBG has very quietly added a new Mode called War Mode on PC .The New Mode is very similar to Team Death match but in this mode Players respawns , a mechanic not seen in PUBG standard Battle Royale Mode .

Players are condensed into a small static area on Erangel ,Meaning lives don't last long .The Selection of Weapons and gear depends on the settings picked by the game's host ,so you could spwan with any number of items .War mode is available now but only as a custom game ,that means only PUBG Partners can start and host matches though anyone can joins and already created seasons.

The Mode was not announced by developer PUBG Crop. or publisher Bluehole ,with no mention of it anywhere on social media or on the game's forums .It's  unclear how long War will be available for .
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