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PUBG New Desert Map 'Miramar' is Coming To Xbox One

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PUBG New Desert Mao coming to Xbox One 
PUBG New Desert Map is Coming to Xbox One . PUBG Crop.revealed today that the desert Map called Miramar , will come to the Xbox One version of the game next month .Xbox One version contain only one map that is 'Erangel' .The Company not provide specific Release Date yet for the map ,although it promises that more info will be announced soon .You Can see Tweet Below :- 
Miramar is a lot of different than Erangel ,Where the Original Map is green and lush with lots of trees and vegetation to provide cover , Miramar is Much more sparse .Players are lot more exposed when running between building .This New Desert map includes 3 New Vehicle :-the minibus ,the pickup truck and the last is Jetski.

The Developer is currently working on a 3rd Map for the PC version .This is a much smaller area , a quarter of the size of the other two .

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