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Street Fighter 5 Next DLC Character 'Falke' Announced

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Street Fighter 5 New Character Falke 

Falke Next DLC Character Coming to Street Fighter 5 announced by Capcom . Falke ,aka "the Guardian Hawk",is the 3rd DLC Character of the fighting game's 3rd season and a brand New character for the Street Fighter series .Falke coming to Street Fighter 5 on 24th April. 

Street Fighter Story goes ,Ed came to Falke's rescue after years of torment .Both escaped Shadaloo and now search for those in need.

You can see Falke Gameplay in above video .She looks like a ranged based character who can do decent damage when close up .

After the Release of Falke , 3 More DLC character remain to launch during season three of Street Fighter 5 . They are Cody ,G and Sagat.
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