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Toki Arcade Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Toki Arcade Game coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 End 

French publisher Microids has announced that it's working on remake of classic arcade platform shooter Toki,due to release on Nintendo Switch toward the end of the year .

Toki launched in arcades back in 1989 ,and follows the side scrolling adventures of the titular Toki - a Tarzan esque human warrior turned ape as he attmepts to rescue his lady friend Mih from the nefarious local witchdoctor and certain doom .

Toki's Journey take him through jungles ,fiery caverns ,lakes and ice palaces ,as he battles wild animals and the mutated creations of Witchdoctor Vookimedlo to reach his goal .

Toki's New Switch version is being overseen by Philipee Dessoly and Pierre Adane the duo responsible for the 1993 Super Nintendo plaformer Mr.Nutz .

Toki Arcade Game is release at the end of the year in Nintendo Switch .
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