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Fortnite Season 5 Adds New Vehicle with All Terrain Kart or ATK & Many More

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Fortnite New Vehicle ATK 
Fortnite Season 5 has Finally arrived with developer Epic Games updating the game to introduce New content and tweaks . The Patch is currently being pushed out on all Platforms across the world and Epic has release Full Patch Notes for What's New in Season 5 .Epic has Also Introduces New Vehicle in Fortnite that is All Terrain Kart , a New Vehicle that can carry an Entire Squad . 

The Update also introduces New Locations in Map such as Lazy Links and Paradise Palms and New desert biome .There's also Been some adjustments to the Way the Storm circles work ,as well as how the game performs as a whole .

Mobile Version Adds :- 

  • Autofire has been added as an option on mobile Platforms. Enabling this causes the player's weapon to automatically fire when the reticle is over an enemy that is within range .
  • Players will be given the option to select their preferred fire mode after launching .All Players can Change their preferred fire mode after launching .All players can change their preferred fire mode by navigating to options ,Custom HUD Layout ,then choosing the select Fire Mode option and Confirming their selection .

  1. Tap to Fire 
  2. A Dedicated fire button 
  3. Autofire .
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