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H1Z1 Battle Royale New Update Added New Weapon and Revive Machine

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H1Z1 Battle Royale Gets New Update 

Daybreak Games H1Z1 Battle Royale just got an Update on PS4. It adds a revive mechanic to the game ,as well as aim acceleration adjustments and new weapon .The weapon called the Airstrike Signal allows players to target an area for aerial bombardment .

Daybreak Games Announced H1Z1 Battle Royale also recently surpassed a milestone . There are now more than 10 Million players playing the battle royale on PS4 amd they have invested more than 102 Million hours in the First month of its open beta .

H1Z1 is available for free on PC ,while its console counterpart H1Z1 battle Royale is in open beta on PS4 .The game offers the same fast paced ,competitive battle Royale gameplay found in both PUBG and Fortnite .H1Z1 differentiates itself from its competitors with a wider assortment of vehicles and a more arcade like style of play .
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