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PUBG Snow Map Dihor Otok Leaked

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Snow Map Coming to PUBG 
PUBG New Snow Map Dihor Otok is leaked . New Map is coming soon earlier than expected . There are some leaks including map images , New Vehicle and Many More . 

We could soon see new explosives , a possible night mode and a rumored new game mode called Conquest .New Vehicle you can see image below .

The New map callled Dihor Otok ,looks like it will be 8*8 in total size ,but its actual smaller than Miramar and Erangel . This would be 6*6 km map and Bigger than Sanhok . you can See New Ghillie Suit in this New Winter Map . Ghillie Suit Pure White in Color . 
There's a maze for a place called Dinopark ,which absolutely sounds like a theme park ,while other image show the new snow map will have its own castle . a Rocket is also include in datamine for location called Cosmodrome . 
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