Battlefield 1 Update Out Now For PS4 ,Xbox One and PC , What's New in this Update

Battlefield 1 Update 

Battlefield 1 Oct Update Out Now For PS4 ,PC and Xbox One .The majority of the other changes address various bug fixes that appear in the game .

What's New in this Update :- 

Weapons and Gadgets :-

  1. Changed the Ottoman Standard issue Rifile from the Martini Henry to the G98
  2. Increased Tripwire - HP blast damage from 80 to 85 ,Enough to score an Assist Counts As kill against an enemy with the Flak specialization 
  3. Fixed an issue where throwing a smoke grenade would prevent the thrower from performing other actions for a short time 
  4. Added missing emblem to FA Automatic Rifle 
  5. Fixed grenade resupply audio 
  6. Added Press or Hold option for Bayonet Charge 
Vehicles :- 
  1. Fixed overly bright mane and tail on hoers in Tsaritsyn cathedral 
  2. The Assault Truck's sensitivity is now affected by sensitivity options 
  3. Fixed a issue where bomber Weapons were inaudible from 3P camera in seat 1 of large bombers and Many More 
General Other Improvements :- 
  1. Improved culling on player heads 
  2. When the video options motion blur amount is set to 0 % turning the motion blur system off entirely gains some graphics performance 
  3. Added options to turn off the Chromatic Aberration 
  4. Fixed the issue where the Gameplay options for controlling the visibility of the world icons for enemy and friendly soldier were not working properly 
  5. improved server FPS warning icon analysis and alert and many More 
Platform :- PS4 ,PC and Xbox One 
Category - Action 

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