Carentan Bonus Map Coming Soon in Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty World War 2 
Carentan one of the most famous Multiplayer Map will be arrived on Call of Duty WWII very Soon .but only for Season pass owners .Carentan a Multiplayer map coming to call of duty WW2 in a new remastered version - Company has not inform about weather the map simply be enhanced visually or there any serous design changes in store. Carentan will only be available for season pass holders 

Carentan is a small town in Normandy ,which was turn into Call of Duty Multiplayer map in first version of the series than resurfaced in the second part of Call of Duty called Chinatown and also added to call of  Duty 4 Modern War fare .The Map become very Popular ,as it offered a number of devastated and Fully Explorable building ,which created tons of occasions for close quarter combat as well as some midrange opportunities 

Release Date - 3 Nov 2017
Platform - Xbox One ,PS4 and PC 


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