Middle Earth Shadow of War Release On 10 Oct 2017 For Xbox One ,PS4 & PC

Middle Shadow of War Launch on 10 Oct 2017 for Xbox One 
MiddleEarth Shadow of War is a Sequel of its Previous version Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor .Game is presented from third person .person can explore the rich ,open world of the game by riding various steeds and taking good use of the free running system . Similar to the First Part ,in this Game For Xbox One ,players get to explore a open world featuring such iconic Locations as Osgiliath ,Cirith Ungol ,Gorgoroth ,Nurnen Lake Fortress and Seregost . person can travel in many ways . either on foot or on the back of various steeds 

Middle Earth Shadow of War delivers dynamic and Spectacular combat system once again based on attack combinations and mounting counterattacks 

The Xbox One Release of Shadow of War delivers High Quality 3d Graphics .Both Character and Enemy models ,as well as the Environments Textures are very amazing in Quality with High Details and with Great Animations and Realistic High Effects , game has Also a high Quality Sound Effects which makes game more interesting . Middle Earth shadow of War Release 10 Oct 2017 for Xbox One .

Category - Action & Adventure
Platform - Xbox One ,PS4 and PC 
Release Date - 10 Oct 2017 (World Wide)

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