Call of Duty World War 2 latest Updated Out Now For PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Call of Duty Latest Update Out for Console and PC 
New Call of Duty WW2 update was out now for PS4,Xbox One & PC .It brings a lost of Bug fixes and Improvements, and it also includes weapon balance changes to guns ranging from LMGs to sidearms .

The Weapon Changes are probably the most noticeable parts of the patch and it strengthens some guns while weakening others .The MP-40 and Thompson submachine guns have both received buffs to their fire rate ,which will help bring them closer to the current favorite SMG, the PPSh . the patch increase the Combat Shotgun's damage range .Finally ,the entire LMG class of weapons gets a movement speed buff,while the MG-15 and Lewis both get reduced recoil.

This New Update also Includes some bug Fixes and UI Improvements and fix for Zombies Glitch that allowed players to deploy more than the maximum number of mines .Read More Info about this Update - Click Here 

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