Battlefield 1 New Update Now - Apocalypse DLC Early Access For Premium Pass Owners

Battlefield 1 New Update For PS4 ,Xbox One and PC 
Battlefield 1 has Roll Out New Update with some players also receiving access to Apocalypse the game's 4th DLC expansion on PC, PS4 and Xbox One .The later introduces a variety of new content ,including new maps,weapons and gadgets .

Early access to Apocalypse is available to everyone who owns the game's Premium Pass ,as well as those who have bought Battlefield 1 Revolution .The DLC will be available for purchase individually after two weeks ,beginning on 6 March .Even if you only own the base game . you will still download the new update in order to play online . 

Apocalypse introduces five new maps .Three of these are standard Multiplayer mpas ,whereas the other two are designed specifically for Air Assault , a new aircraft only game mode . This centers around dogfights but can culminate in a battle between gaint Airships .

There are also a variety of new tools as your disposal : six weapons ,including the RSC SMG ; melee weapons ,such as the meat cleaver gadgets like AA Rocket Gun for the Assault lass ;two bombers ,the Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10 and a stationary weapon that fire poison gas .Additionally ,Apocalypse adds new assignments and cosmetics to unlock ,including dog tags ,codex entries ,ribbons ,medals and More .

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