Fortnite New Crossbow Update Out Now

New Fortnite Update For PS4,Xbox One & PC 
Fortnite New Update Out Now  and it features new content for the explosively popular ,free to play Battle Royale mode on PC,PS4 & Xbox One .New Update version is 2.4.2 , New Valentine's Day themed skins are being added as you can see above image .More significantly ,the update marks the addition of the new silent weapon that been teased by the New updates screen recently .That's turned out to be the Crossbow ,which fires arrows , a new ammo type that is unlimited in supply .It can be found in treasure chests or as loot on the ground ; Rare and Epic versions are also available .

This update also fixes some bugs for Battle Royale ,such as preventing players from sliding off of rooftops and dealing with a collision issue related to corners in basements .It also updates the recently launched Shooting Test Limited Time mode .it will only be playable in Solo. Headshots with shotguns will now do 200% damage and the Scoped Assault Rifle gets some buffs . Epic also notes that it's aware that stat and challenge progress is not saved when playing the mode .

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