Mavericks Proving Grounds - 400 Player Battle Royale Game Gets a Teaser Trailer

400 Player Battle Royale Upcoming Coming Game 
A New Trailer for upcoming Battle Royale game that promises to support 400 players in a multiplayer environment has been released ,but unfortunately it does not deliver what we want to see. The Trailer for Mavericks :Proving Grounds shows off some nice looking visuals and environments but in teaser Trailer does not show any gameplay footage . 

This New Game is development by New UK Studio Automaton Games .The game was formerly Known as Project X before getting its new name . Mavericks will have a 12Km Squared "Living and breathing "world ,the developer says .It also promises dynamic elements such as Wildfire that spreads and more .

Mavericks Battle Royale mode is scheduled to launch in 2018 ,presumably for PC but it is just on part of the game . The full game ,described as an MMO that supports 1000 concurrent players in an ULTRA High Fidelity world instance is coming in 2019 .

Some Kind of announcement about Maverick is coming to the game Developers conference in March , and will be sure to report back with more details then . A closed bets for Mavericks is coming but there is no information about when it start .

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