Monster Hunter World New Update Out For PS4 & Xbox One

New Monster Hunter World Update 
A New Update for Monster Hunter World has arrived . Capcom has launched the patch on both PS4 and Xbox One . It resolves some Multiplayer Experience .

The balance changes deal exclusively with the ammo used by two of the ranges weapon types .With the Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun ,Normal Ammo Pierce ammo and non Dragon elemental ammo have all received an unspecified damage increase .Slicing ammo power has been decreased and it should have less of an effect if it happens to hit another player .In slicing ammo ,players can now carry a maximum of 30 Slashberries on them at a time . If you were carrying more than that before installing the update you will be able to use any extras before the new limit is imposed.

As for the Squad problems on PS4 ,Capcom says it's addressed the issue where Squad features would be rendered inaccessible and players would be told ,"Failed to retrieve squad information .Please wait and try again ."Capcom says that players who created a Squad and were affected by this will have lost any Squad data .A result they will need to recreate their Squad .Capcom has dealt with a bug that allowed non squad members to join a Squad session without an invite ,as well as one where Squad members were unable to do so .

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