New PUBG Xbox One Update Out Now

New PUBG Update For Xbox One 

PUBG developer PUBG Corp .recently deployed a new update for the game on Xbox One .While the patch was primarily intended to adjust the amount of damage vehicles can inflict and receive , a Slate of new issues arose following the update . Developer now rolled out another batch of new update & in these update adds vehicle damage and Fixes number of Bugs .
PUBG Xbox One Update 8 Patch Notes:- 
  • Gameplay :-
  1. We received a lit of great feedback following the changes made to vehicle /player damage .We continue to tune and balance this element of gameplay and are therefore reverting back to increased damage if a player is struck by a vehicle 
  • Bug Fixes :- 
  1. Resloved and issue preventing players from vaulting over specific ledges and / or windows 
  2. The Camera will now remain in the correct location following player death 
  3. Vehicles will no longer relocate to another position on the map after the player disembarks 

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