Onrush New Trailer Released For PS4 & Xbox One

Onrush New Trailer Released by Codemaster 
The First trailer for Onrush , New racing game from Codemasters ,has been released .The title is being developed by the company's new Cheshire ,UK Studio , Actually the team behind Playstation -exclusive racing series Motorstorm and the similarities between the two games are immediately apparent .

New Trailer shows many variety of vehicles including buggies and dirt bikes tearing through snowy alps and picturesque caverns at high speed .They are weaving in and out of naturally formed obstacles in the environment , launching themselves off ramps & slamming into each other .

There will be eight vehicle classes in Onrush and each vehicles have its own unique style and features .Each class of vehicle will also have different effects and abilities when that activate their Rush state .Onrush's release date has been confirmed as 5 June on PS4 & Xbox One .The game is also available to Pre-Order .

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