Overwatch New Update Adds New Skins & Update

Overwatch New Update For PC ,PS4 & Xbox One 
A New Overwatch event is now underway ,as the latest update for the game has kicked off the year of the Dog. 
This is the new iteration of the Lunar New Year event that was held last year ,and it introduces a bunch of new content across all platforms :PC,PS4 and Xbox One .

The Main thing of these new Update is New Skins.There are a total of six new skins ,including those for Genji ,Mercy ,Zarya and Pharah.There are also more than 50 new seasonal items in all .you can see all the new Year of the Dog Legendary skins in our gallery .The event runs from now through 5 march .

New Map  is a also introduce in these Latest Update in Thailand Location called  " Ayutthaya" .
This is the first Overwatch map made specially for Capture the Flag ,which has undergo some changes as part of its return in this update .Flags are now picked up immediately but are dropped when using certain abilities .

One other change of note in this update is a fan-requested feature .Before starting a match ,you will now be able to easily change between any of the skins you own for a given character .This is done from the Assemble your team screen and can't be accessed mid match ,but it's still a welcome addition ,particularly as players continue to a mass increasingly large collections of skins .

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