PUBG New Loot Crates Out Now

PUBG New Loot Crates 
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds got a couple of new cosmetic crates today , and both of them  add some pretty distinctive clothing for you to dress up your character in . You can buy the Militia and Fever crates staring now ,although the Fever crate requires you to also buy an Early Bird Key. both crates contain items that drop at particularly low frequencies ,but the Militia crate takes the prize for holding the rarest item .

The name of the Fever crate called dance fever , because it includes a whole bunch of  70s and 80s inspired clothing options . 

The Militia crate , can award a handful of different combat themed items along with some other clothes .It has the possibility of granting a cowboy hat , a long sleeved turtleneek , a utility belt and others . The rarest item by far is the military skirt ,which has a microscope .00064% chance of dropping .

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