Far Cry 5 Update Out Now On PS4,Xbox One and PC

Far Cry 5 Update Out Now For Consoles 
Ubisoft has rolled out a New Update For Far Cry 5 .Update is already released on PC last week ,update 4 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One ,bringing the same assortment of fixes and quality of Life adjustments to the console versions of the game .

Latest Update Include Some changes :- 

Far Cry 5 Update 4 patch Notes :- 

  • Stability and Performance 
  1. Fixed low occurrence crashes and walkthrough breaks 
  2. Additional quality bug Fixes 
  3. Fixed low occurrence save corruption .

  • Companion ,Enemy and Animal AI 
  1. Fixed low repro AI isseues
  • Design & Mission Progression 
  1. fixed issues preventing silver bar purchase 
  2. Fixed minor bugs 
  • Gameplay and UI 
  1. Fixed minor Bug 
  • Co-op  Online :- 
  1. Improved Co-op connectivity 
  2. Fixed low occurrence co-op specific walkthrough breaks 
  3. Fixed voice communication isue where players could be permanently muted 
  4. Hurk Was blowing up the client player when in a helicopter ,fixed that .
Far Cry Arcade :- 
  • Improved map download efficiency 
  • Fixed various Arcade Gameplay issues 
  • Fixed issue where map Textures would be extremely low 
  • Improved PvP matchmaking 
  • fixed lobby loadout selection and map selection issues 
Map Editor :- 
  • fixed issue with Arcade Editor crashes

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