Raft "Open Water Survival" Is Coming to Steam in May

Raft Coming to Steam in May 2018
Developer Redbeet Interactive has announced that its open water survival adventure Raft will be launching in Steam Early Access on 23rd May .

In this Game Players awake to find themselves lost on an endless ocean ,with nothing to their name but a tiny raft and plastic hook.Your Trusty hook is used to fish and to hoist debris from the water - minding out for sharks .your scavenged materials can be used to gradually expand your survival tool kit .
When Raft arrives on Steam in May ,it Will be substantially expanded compared to its last itch.io build . The New version will features an improved art style ,explorable islands ,reefs that can be scoured for goodies by diving beneath the waves and even online co-op multiplayer so you can share your nautical adventure with friends .

Redbeet will introduces a creative mode for those that prefer to build without restrictions and there are ambitious plans for the core experience too.

Raft is being published by Axolot Games and it will available for Early Access on 23rd May .

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