Dragon Ball FighterZ Added Two New DLC Characters

Dragon Ball FighterZ New DLC Characters 
The Dragon Ball FighterZ continue to Expand ,as two more DLC Characters have arrived for the Dragon Ball Fighting game . Fused Zamasu and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito are both now available on PS4 , Xbox One and PC and they can be purchased either individually or as part of the Dragon Ball FighterZ season pass .

Both fused Zamasu and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito are fused warrios who appear in Dragon Ball Super .Fused Zamasu is one of the series major antagonists and is the resulting fusion of Goku Black and the evil Supreme Kai Zamasu . 

In contrast to other characters on the roster ,some of his special attacks give him the ability to fly freely through the air .

Vegito ,Meanwhile is the fused form of Goku and Vegeta .Hi Special,the Final Kamehameha ,is a combination of Vegeta's Final Flash and Goku's signature Kamehama .

He also a very brash and confident fighter ,which is reflected in his Movest in his reveal trailer ,he can be seen casually throwing kicks with his arms crossed .you can see both characters in above trailer .

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