Dragon Ball FighterZ 
Bandai Namco has Kicked off a Special limited event in Dragon Ball FigtherZ . The game's first Party Battle is now underway on PS4 , Xbox One and PC ,giving players the opportunity to team up against powerful enemies and earn some in game cash .

Party Battle is one of the two new modes that were introduced in Dragon Ball FighterZ latest patch .These special online events are only available for a limited time and allow three players to team together and fight a fearsome boss .

The first Party Battle is called The Emperor Strikes Back and it pits players against one of the series most iconic foes ,Frieza .Each win counts toward a shared total ,so players around the globe will be cooperating to topple Frieza as Many times as possible .

The Party Battle is going on now on all Platforms and runs until 21 May .Those who Participate in it will receive Zeni and Premium Z Coins .

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